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Journey Into Oneness

Take the time to enter into oneness when you open the pages of Goldman’s latest divinely guided prose.

Step into the space that is self and steep your psyche into the healing, cleansing and comforting experience which will wash over you almost immediately upon reading the first line in the first offering.

This is more than just a book of poetry about life. It is a creation of words linked in shape and form which take you into the essence of self, leading and encouraging on the way.


Answering those unasked questions, giving comfort and clarity to the asker, this is a very special journey which should be enjoyed over and over again.

Each work leads effortlessly onto the next work and before you realise it you are up to the final piece. A moment in time, or time in a moment: That is for you to decide.

Author Paul Goldman
Publisher O Books
ISBN 978-1-84694-827-5