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The Morning Cloud is Empty

Captivating, thoughtful and opening the doorway of the heart for reflection, the latest anthology of poetry from multiply award winning author Tolu’ A. Akinyemi (also known as Tolutoludo & the Lion of Newcastle), The Morning Cloud is Empty is a beautiful offering at a time when reflection is required in life, to be able to make sense out of the world in which we live.

Laying bare his innermost thoughts, Tolu captures the very essence of life in simple clear prose which has a very wide appeal; from the lover of poetry to the lover of words. It will also reach out touch those who enjoy a simple moment of contemplation and encouragement in the course of their day.

Tolu considers himself as a walking human library and as the pages of the anthology turn, piece by piece, little by little, his immense skill with the use of words underline this truth. In parts reflective, in parts full outrage and in others offering quirky moments of the ridiculousness of life in general, The Morning Cloud is Empty offers a fascinating look at one man’s view of the world.

Anthologies are not made to sit and read in one period of time, but to be discovered page by page, allowing the words to settle, to create the image of the poet, as in the opening verse of Float where you are invited to ‘’float through the immaculate corridors’. These words need to be supped slowly to enjoy the words, the patterns, the visions created.

The somewhat ironic The Morning Cloud is Empty is something we have all faced when we ponder, just what are we doing with this life. Further on, we come to the second offering where he soaks in the serenity of the temple of silence, the day has moved along.

Supreme irony is addressed in the third offering, as Omicron arrives to taunt and destroy, South Africa is once again in the news for no good reason and life, as it always does, continues.

Dataset is reflective of the modern world where we have, regardless of what is said, become not a lot more than part of an algorithm besieged by ‘incessant notifications’. How very true.

But the very small but beautiful Autumn, leaves behind a feeling of hope that once again the leaves will fall, the air will become crisp with the heralding of Winter and the Spring is to be looked towards as a fresh beginning.

So many pieces’ makeup The Morning Cloud is Empty, all delightful, all full of meaning and many laced with a wry sense of the ridiculousness of humanity, which makes for interesting reading, a lot of enjoyment and huge amount to ponder and consider.

Author Tolu’ A. Akinyemi
Publisher The Roaring Lion Newcastle
ISBN 9781913636395 (e-book)
Distributor Tolu’ A. Akinyemi/Amazon
Released March 2023