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The Weights We Carry

Small and compact, the collection of modern prose from CD Seventeen The Weights We Carry, came about during a solo bike tour of the Scottish Highlands and the Orkney Islands.

A small anthology was not exactly what was expected before the journey began, but as the miles passed, it is what evolved as she pedalled her way around the magical Highlands and the Orkney Islands. Places of ancient history, mystique and magic saw her often deep in moments of inner contemplation; contemplation of her journey thus far in life.

Moving from the province of Yunnan, China to Britain to study psychology at the age of seventeen years she was able to become an individual, something that is almost impossible to achieve in her home country, and in doing so, through her poetry came to view her world and that of the world around her through a vastly different lens.

Sparse in words the work is powerful, reaching deep in what could be considered as conversations with her very soul; questions are posed, answers yet to be found, but are often just a tantalising moment away. Perhaps just around the next corner of the road ahead, there but yet to be discovered in another quiet moment in time.

Each piece of poetry has been coupled with delicate brushstrokes of ink on paper, photographs of the scenery passing bye as the wheels turn, or views gathered in overnight camping places make this not only a word feast, but a visual moment in time when you too are an element of the journey undertaken.

The beautiful Farewell, touches the heartstring as she ponders the simple and yet complex question, ’The voice of the sea, the voice of me. How were dreams born?

Intentions is a little piece that charms with its almost childlike simplicity but contains a powerful message of acceptance, not for what can be offered, but for who you are as a person.

Twenty-two poems divided into five section each one with a slightly different emphasis, each one telling a tale of travel, of journey, of time and discovery that is rich for the telling.

The Weight We Carry – a beautiful, contemplative moment in time.

Author C.D. Seventeen
Publisher SilverWood Books
ISBN 9781800422377
Distributor SilverWood Books.
Released February 2023