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Belly Dance for Health, Happiness and Empowerment

Tina is an experienced, inspirational Belly Dance teacher who is interested in motivating people to take up this ancient art. Her reasoning is compelling. She looks at the benefits to the human body and explains why particular moves help particular parts of the body. This is a comprehensive and detailed book meant to be read by teachers as well as students and interested potential students of the Dance.

The author looks at the root cause of illness, and how, by embracing this empowering dance, …”You can stimulate your body’s natural healing power.” As well as physically improving the body, the dance is also meant to “Manage the mind and spiritual wellbeing.” Issues such as stress and dementia are dealt with, as well as loss of muscle tone as we age.

Tina approaches various illnesses, such as Multiple Sclerosis, Digestive problems, IBS, Endometriosis, heart trouble and dyspraxia, to mention a few. In quite a large part of the book, she explains each affliction and gives a help line when possible. Then she outlines how belly dancing can help.

The following section begins with “Slow exercise”. We are given step by step instructions on how to prepare the body for the exercises to follow. There are similarities between belly dance, and some yoga and Pilate’s moves. As each exercise is explained, step by step, it becomes clear that nothing is too hard, but the movements are precise and exacting. There is a cool down relaxation at the end, which again is very detailed.

Although both men and women enjoy this dance, there is a sense of femininity that surrounds the movements, and expressions. Tina has succeeded in motivating and inspiring people to dance with her logical and clear minded instructions and her compassion for people.

AuthorTina Hobin
PublisherZero Books