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Coach Yourself: A 7-Step Guide to Personal Happiness

Muffy Churches reaches out with her wealth of experience as a success coach to encourage you along on onto the roadway toward change. But not change for changes’ sake, but change desired to make a difference within your life; to empower and create rewards that are there for you to accept.

With a lovely, comfortable way of writing, she takes you through the journey of change in a manner that makes you feel she is speaking with you on a personal level each step of the way on your journey to success.

She has a very realistic approach to the many barriers that lie along the pathway to making any change, whether it be large or small and openly states that you will step backwards, sometimes as many time as you step forwards, which, when you are embarking on a journey of self-improvement, is important to recognise.

Addressing the issues of traditional mindset, common anxieties, lack of confidence and that wonderful place called your comfort zone, which we all love to inhabit as, while it may not always be a nice place, it is a place we know all about.

But whether it be ‘a big dream or a small change’, you wish to undertake, you must always be prepared to begin and, by beginning, take an holistic look at both the big and small picture of what you wish to achieve.

As a success coach, Muffy Churches has created a seven step guide to personal fulfilment, which is very easy to use as you begin your journey. Many of the hard questions are asked in each of the seven steps, which should be treated as workbooks, complete with assignments, case studies and self- assessments. Each step is presented in such a way that while encouraging you to be honest with yourself, also reinforces the ‘be kind to yourself’ philosophy.

If you fall by the way from time to time, that’s OK, as by doing so you have learned another thing about yourself and often reinforced the reason you are seeking change.

Regardless of the reason for seeking change, you are offered the tools to sort out the How, Why, Where, When and What of the changes required in a wonderful, warm and inspiring manner.

Perhaps it is best to read the book through before you commence your journey, treating it as a presentation to the excitement and pleasure to be found in peeling back the layers, to discovering the person you have always been sure was there, hiding underneath a barrier of learned behaviour.

‘Bonne chance’ as you set out on your exciting new discovery of who you really are, as you learn to live your new, fresh, lifestyle in positivity, happiness and well-being.



Author Muffy Churches
Publisher Love & Write Publishing
ISBN 978-0-9923070-3-5
Distributor Love & Write Publishing
Released 2016