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Grace & Style

Jewellery, how we look, the latest fashion for clothing and make-up form a very important part of growing up and learning how to fit into whatever lifestyle you choose.

With a wry, witty, zany sense of humour and a whole lot of tongue-in-cheek attitude, Grace Helberg takes a serious and not so serious look at the fun, disasters, down right catastrophes and moments when you simply wish the floor would open up and swallow you, preferably whole and instantaneously, as you search for your very own ‘style’.

She, in her own inimitable manner, introduces the subject of style, and what we think, personally think that is, about what makes style and how you go about getting or finding it!

As a teen moving into young adulthood she suffered an eating disorder, not quite anorexia, but a close run cousin to this debilitating condition. She realised it was all bought about by trying to be like her best friend, who was a whole lot slimmer. After finally realising she was the one with the issue, and thanks to meeting up with a young man she fell in love with, found her way out of the maze, then decided to work out just what image and finding it was all about.

One thing lead on to another and she is now a best-selling author, comedian, actor and television and U-tube personality, all because of STYLE!

In this look at what she considers her style and how to achieve the desired look, she also addresses the underlying issue of first discovering who you are, just how you really want to look, how to be comfortable and make the best shopping choices, at least some, sorry, most of the time.

As well there are a huge amount of seriously good tips, tricks of the trade and ideas on how to go about  creating the ‘art of pretending you have it’, even when you are wearing your sweatpants down to the corner shop!

Grace takes a look at make-up, the latest trends, past trends and fashion must haves, hair and the many ways of dealing with a ‘bad hair’ day, which does relate to ‘what happened to my hair overnight’!! There is a great little Bad Hair Character Wheel to help you come up with just the right style for the day like Debonair Detective, the Face of Fitness, or Domestic Goddess and as a last resort, Animal from the Muppets; the choice will be yours.

The final chapters contain a marvellous ‘flow chart’ which goes with the Ten Commandments, the Eleventh Hour Inspirations and a serious section on ‘How to avoid the dreaded ‘Camel Toe’, which winds up this hugely zany, very serious, depending on how seriously you take finding your image, look at all the fashion and fun issues we have all had to work out, step by step, on our journey to achieving that mysterious thing called STYLE!

Author Grace Helbig
Publisher Simon & Schuster
ISBN 9781471152511
Website www,
Distributor Simon And Schuster
Released February 2016