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Grandparenting Grandchildren

Research and knowledge about the human body and mind has exploded in the short time there is between Parenting and Grand parenting. Drs Jane Williams and Tessa Grigg have worked with young children for many years and have studied all the latest developments for children under five years.

They have presented these facts in a wonderfully easy to read and structured book, Grandparenting Grandchildren. Their idea is to help people who have recently become Grandparents. Many of their suggestions are not new but embellish the way we work and play with babies.

The authors discuss latest developments by scientists and paediatricians and use everyday language to show how important these discoveries are. We know that sugar is not good for a person, but the connection between the gut and the brain is outlined for us. So “No junk food at Nana’s.” 

In the following chapters issues of mobility and exercise are explained. For a child’s brain to develop normally, the body needs to exercise. We also need to explore space and movement to allow proper development of the bones and muscles. This is explained with fun examples of how to combine games with effective structure. Other chapters deal with sleep, talking, music and singing, enhancing curiosity, and gifts to give.

Grandparenting Grandchildren would be a wonderful gift to give to a new grandparent (or parent). The information is so interesting and relevant that it needs to be shared.

Author Dr Jane Williams and Dr Tessa Grigg.
Publisher Exisle Publishing
ISBN 9781925820799
Distributor Exisle Publishing
Released 2021