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Long overdue, this etiquette book for the modern man should be placed on the compulsory, must read list, especially for students who are about to graduate and move into the everyday world of business and a far more mature lifestyle.

In today’s world of instant everything, from pizza to friendship and love via the wonderful world of technology, learning the basic requirements of society are becoming far more challenging. Regardless of what your younger life has been, how casual the lifestyle of family and friends appears to be, there are still, interestingly enough, rules of how to go about making a seriously good impression.

Many of the older generation grew up with these ‘rules’ as the norm, but as lifestyles have changed, become so much faster and ‘relaxed’, so too the basic tenants of good behaviour gone with them.

Following on from her first book #GirlCode, Launerts has continued on into the world of the adolescent and young adult males, to help guide them through the many pitfalls of making a good impression, whether it be with the girl you are seeking to impress, fronting up for your first job interview, or attending your first formal dinner party.

As motivation to succeed is very strong in the younger generation, and the old adage than ‘manners maketh the man’ still does seriously apply, it would certainly pay off to read up on etiquette.

Gaining social confidence in today’s cyber world is not easy; having face to face contact in the real time world can be often be confrontational; learning to read the body language and signals used unconsciously by us all in various social and work based situations can be awkward, embarrassing and can make for a very anxious time.

With GUYCODE Michaela Launerts uses her skill base to help leavers develop a strong set of social skills that will help with their presentation, social confidence and self-esteem. She strongly promotes ‘young people learning manners, social graces and how to conduct themselves in professional and social circles in an integral part of one’s development’ and it is, most definitely!

Regardless of where you are heading in life, manners truthfully do make the man and will in many, many instances, gives the edge as far as selection of employment, professional and social standards and influence in society is concerned.

Try it out and see just what your new look and style achieves; you may be pleasantly surprised but remember, good manners cost nothing at all, but can reap unsought rewards as you travel through life.

Definitely worth the investment!


Author Michaela Launerts
Publisher New Holland Publishers
ISBN 9781921024603
Distributor New Holland Publishers
Released February 2018