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Hope is a Verb

Six steps to radical optimism when the world seems broken

Hope. What is it in real term? Is it an emotion that is fleeting, something to be sought, or is it the most interesting, challenging and comforting emotion we as humans on this planet have available to us in times of challenge, sorrow and despair?

Hope is that and so very much more as Emily Ehlers has discovered and shares with her upbeat, riotously quirky, immensely enjoyable Hope is a verb; a colourful, well-constructed view based on Choosing Hope, rather than so many other emotions!

Broken down into six sections Ehlers takes a very down to earth look at, well life, to put it simply, in the world of today where we are bombarded with so much negativity. It is all too easy to lose sight of the fact that there is hope, especially when everything around you seems to be turning dark or at the very least, a dismal shade of murky grey!

Using a series of cartoonlike illustrations to highlight the point being discussed, the book is addictive in that it is so very easy to turn the next page to see what absolute gems are located there. In spite of your best efforts you will find yourself answering the questions posed and having fun, yep Fun! At the end of each section, a somewhat interesting feeling, called the beginning of hope may be able to be felt. If you are already a hopeful person your feelings may be brighter and stronger, but if you are relearning to hope, carry on as this burgeoning emotion will get stronger as you progress.

It is a fact that everyone, as they progress through life will feel a sense of hopelessness, despair and downright misery, but as Ehlers says early in the book, the Introduction actually, following a series of steps to rekindle the flame of hope, to keep that little flame growing, is well worth the effort.

Underlying all the words though is the message that by nurturing your own little flame of hope, you are adding to the future of the world; maybe not in a cataclysmic manner, but as one of many people who will make a difference simply by managing the ‘small stuff’ little by little, until it becomes a roar loud enough to make a serious difference.

Each of the six steps could be considered as one small step on the way to building a ‘brighter better future’ that takes persistence, understanding, community and perhaps the hardest of all, change. But just in case you are struggling with feelings of gloom and doom that simply will not shift, she has also listed a range of support service to help you get back on track.

Hope is  a Verb will have a wide age appeal, is well researched, carefully constructed and offers a clearer understanding of what hope is in today’s world, as well as a pathway forward to making a small difference in a world that often seems so totally broken!

In a quote from the end of the Introduction, which kind of says it all, Ehlers says:

 ‘What if we nurtured hope like a tiny flame, feeding it with new visions and inspiring possibilities, daily acts of kindness and courage, stronger communities and a deeper sense of purpose, until that flame started to glow on its own?

What a difference we all can and will and shall make!

Author Emily Ehlers
Publisher Murdoch Books
ISBN 9781922351340
Distributor Murdoch Books
Released May 2021