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How to Be Thin in a World of Chocolate

This is a witty but clever way to address weight loss for those who are seriously tired of diets and fads. The author has addressed the issues of dieting and shows how, when you are eating less food, your metabolism slows down and the body needs fewer calories.  Therefore, when you stop dieting, you regain weight and extra weight, as your body has become more efficient. Add to this the misery of deprivation, and self-blame, and you have a recipe for failure. In this snappy little book, we are given short, one or two page strategies for losing weight and enjoying life.

Along with very practical suggestions, there is an underlying psychological challenge. For example, we are told to “Be the adult, not the child.” Dieting is likened to an over-controlling parent, and when you binge, it is as though you are having a childish tantrum therefor being a pleasant and healthy adult, who cares for your appearance and health, will allow you to make choices based on reason; ergo, no failure, no guilt.

There are several rules that must be adhered to, such as:

  1. “If you really love something and feel like it, then enjoy it.”
  2. “But if you could take it or leave it, always leave it.”

Having a respect for your body is vital for this system to work. It is also necessary to understand strategies to help yourself. Waiting until you are ravenous is disastrous, while many of us say we are hungry, when it is just a thought and not a reality.

Following the lead of French women is another helpful tip. So never eat while walking, in the car, or when rushed. Make time to enjoy your food. Making changes is good, but make them small ones. Don’t cut out all sugar, just cut back slowly on the amount in your coffee, or in your cooking. There are ten diet strategies to follow, all of which are simple and achievable. But being aware and mindful enough to stop eating when you are no longer hungry, is should be the focus.

Next, we come to the suggestions for exercise. Again, being aware of your body and keeping it moving will help with the calorie burn, and also your fitness level. Intensive sessions at the gym are not recommended, (unless you love them), rather, being aware again of not sitting when you could help the hostess collect the plates. If you never have time for exercise, try fitting your life around it and change your routine.

So many helpful, common-sense strategies have been shown to help people to regard eating and weight in a different light. The light-hearted way that Michele has delivered this message is enhanced by cartoon type drawings and witty observations. The serious message is there though, and will be sure to ring true to many.


Author Michele Connolly
Publisher Finch Publications
ISBN 9781925048995
Distributor Finch Publications
Released November 2017