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From the beginning Hannah Korrel says she has written How To Break Up with Friends from a standpoint of a light-bulb moment when she realised at the tender age of thirty years, that friendship often equated to friendsh*t and something needed to be done about what consists of modern day expectations, what is truly considered as friendship and what in reality is nothing but people using people.

Korrel says straight up that all friendship should be based on respect; with that come some standards, some expectations and should not be a one sided relationship that generally ends in hurt feelings or worse. Blunt observations of the human in full friendship mode is examined to discover what is and what is not considered as friendship or a friend, which in many instances can be confrontational, cathartic and let’s face, it rather sad.

As readers we are encouraged to undertake the self-reflection sections presented throughout the book to help clarify some of the friendships in your life; to discover what or rather who is a true friend or who comes into the friendsh*t category, as well as why we consider the need to have so many friends in today’s world and are prepared to accept second and third best, let alone the occasional best, to stay in a toxic relationship.

Case studies make very interesting and introspective reading, as within the context of the stories we see ourselves reflected back and cringe with the belated benefit of hindsight. They also provide some of those illusive answers that come under the avoidance tag, of questions we hesitate to ask of ourselves because perhaps we know the answers but are not prepared to accept what is plainly writ.

Why Do We Put Up With This Crap or chapter 6, is an edifying chapter that looks at the mindsets that say, It’ll be my turn one day, that’s just the way it is, other people have it, why not me to name just a few, of which we a have all be guilty of thinking at some time or other when in a toxic friendship or relationship.

Hannah Korrel is at great pains to point out this is not a short course in psychology, just a blunt, observant view, laced with a sometimes black sense of humour as well a standard humour, on what is considered as friendship and how to remove yourself from a friendsh*t, without feeling buckets of guilt.

How to Break Up With Friends also helps understand the difference between good and bad friendships and physical and emotion impact they have on our lives. As the pages are turned and facts in nature of BS Bombs are revealed it also encourages you to consider what kind of friend you are; the very best of course, as you take the Notions to Wed yourself too, to heart and learn to always consider ‘good friends are worth their weight in gold for your health and happiness’.


Author Dr Hannah Korrel
Publisher Ventura Press
ISBN 978-1-920727-87-1
Distributor Ventura Press
Released October 2020