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Innate Independence: Repositioning through the Mind of Resilience

Resilience is something that is an inbuilt component of each and every one, but in the madness that is today’s world it is something that has been ignored or overlooked in the rush to find a quick fix to just about every emotional disorder such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, lack of self-confidence and self- esteem.

As Peta Collett discovered after spending many, many years in the company of all of the above, her ability to use her natural resilience began her pathway to a full, healthy and happier life. A lightbulb moment saw her begin to reassess just what it was that she could do to makes some serious changes in her life.

Beginning with very small steps she realised as time went on, she was beginning to feel physically better and eventually emotionally more stable, without realising she has done anything at all, other than carry out a regime of riding her bicycle, walking, enjoying music and learning to understand how her mind worked amongst other concepts.

Many long conversations with herself opened up fresh new pathways to help manage change, challenges and coping with the simple everyday tasks in life. Self- healing was working on a holistic basis, whereas the more commercial aspects of medication, psychology and counselling, while helping on a temporary basis, failed long term. Eventually, becoming fascinated with how the mind and emotions work, she studied counselling, which helped her understand the she had been practicing self-sealing and building on the body and minds natural resilience, for more years that she realised.

Now a confident woman in charge of her life and business, Peta Collett shares her pathway to practical healing and health in Innate Independence,  – repositioning through the mind of resilience, which is a must read for anyone seeking a new pathway towards to acceptance, resilience, being a calmer more in control person, letting go of old emotional ties and moving on to a fresh, new outlook and future.

Author Peta Collett
Publisher Peta Collett
ISBN 9781925908886
Distributor Peta Collett
Released April 2020