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Instructions for a Teenage Armageddon: 30+ kick-ass women on how to take over the world

WOW! What a powerhouse of information and advice Instructions for a Teenage Armageddon is for young girls. It should be compulsory reading for all young women (and it’s pretty good for older ones too.) There have been many books for teenage girls on self-esteem, issues around anxiety and peer related concerns, but this book covers so many aspects of those in- between years, that there really is something for everyone. Because so many women have contributed short passages, the directions are as varied and individual as the women themselves.

Many of the women who have contributed to this book are English, and often they have written a letter to themselves as a teenager, giving reassurance and encouragement that all will be well.

Such is the diversity of this book that there is an article from a woman about teenagers and autism, and how she nearly didn’t survive. There are also tips on being your own cheerleader, best friends and how to keep them, bullying, by a woman who regrets her part in this, peer pressure and building the kindness habit.

For the physical information, there are notes by a Doctor on skin disorders, mental health matters and periods. There are also interesting facts that are relayed. What makes this so readable is the humour that pervades the book. Gemma Styles had a plan for her life which was quite simple. “Finish school, go to university, get a degree, secure a job in her degree field.” Easy really. In fact, nothing at all prepared her for major Depression, dropping out, unemployment and child minding. Actor Nell Hudson’s advice is given in dot points.” Don’t use spray on tan. Don’t use black eyebrow pencil, Try Yoga, do your homework, and Dump him!” Quite succinct really!

From self-help to changing the world and taking an active part in saving the planet, Instructions for a Teenage Armageddon is a must for every young girl to have on her shelf.

Author Written and curated by Rosie Day.
Publisher Hachette Australia
ISBN 9781526364319
Distributor Hachette Australia
Released October 2021