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It’s in Your Hands

Your Steering Wheel Your Choice

When Jane Foster was a young university student her desire, her passion, was to save the world, to make a difference. Over the years so many of the ideas she delivered via her Doctoral research program have now come to fruition within the field of Mental health, changing and in some cases saving lives.

Her book It’s in Your Hands presents what could very easily be considered as a break through approach to managing depression, anxiety and a raft of other mental health issues that come with modern day lifestyles.

Beginning her presentations with the simple but telling phrase of ‘How many of you pretend to be happy’, she then sets out to explain what drives us to say the opposite to what we feel, going on to discuss the seemingly simple little thing called Emotional Resilience, which she believes gives everyone the skills and tools to drive safely and securely down life’s many divergent roadways.

Aimed at a wide age range, the language used is easy to understand, the layout of the chapters presents a fresh, open, non-judgemental flow which is comfortable, while offering the new, modern roadmap you have been waiting to discover for some considerable time.

Relating life to a road trip, with you as the driver of your vehicle simplifies the journey, but does not detract from the important messages contained within the pages.  Part one is learning the rules, or the Drivers Manual, Part two considers you now have your Driver’s Licence but still need a little support along the way.

Random messages are there for you to dip into when in need of a little extra help or reassurance, which all come with very clear drawings. If you are so inclined these could be coloured in as you travel along your road.

Part Three is the Resources and Research department where you can gain further insight into some of the tricky little bits, as well as simple diagrammatic tools to help you look at the emotions that cause issues, and how to overcome them.

It’s in Your Hands is a long overdue, easy to read, comprehensive manual on how to learn to address mental health issues, remain in control of your feelings and is the perfect tool to get you back on the road to living a happy, fulfilling lifestyle while coping with the sometimes rough patches along the way.

It’s in Your Hands is an excellent book which I highly recommended.

Author Dr Jane Foster
Publisher Balboa Press
ISBN 9781982297961
Distributor Balboa Press
Released September 2023