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Know That You Are Loved

The fact that “Everlasting Love” is hanging about out there, waiting to come to you, is the underlying message delivered through the pages of “Know That You Are Loved”.

Bruce takes a practical, everyday look at what most people are trying to find in their  lives and goes about letting you know how, with a little bit of effort and a lot of love and faith, you can create exactly what you want or need in your life.

Based on true life stories and experiences, her own life included, she lets a gust fresh air enter your life. Non-judgemental and refreshing, she helps you discover the “secret” of manifestation, healing and living life to its intended fullest.

Once started this book is hard to put down so allow the time to join Philena Bruce as she walks you into the very next, joyful, fruitful stage of your life.

Author Philena Bruce
Publisher O Books
ISBN 978 1 84694 308 9