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Minimalism – Live a Meaningful Life

In a world full of excess, a world where we are encouraged to buy more, have more, must have a bigger house, larger, fancier car, the best clothing and so very much more, a breath fresh air has been injected into the madness through Josh Fields and Ryan Nicodemus, two guys known as The Minimalist’s, and their journey to the other side of excess, minimalism.

While minimalism was a catch word for some time, it is a word that does carry some serious clout in the consumer madness that pervades every level of modern society, where marketing is aimed at creating happiness in your life, which when you take a serious look at the un-happiness , distress and dis-ease caused by excess of everything, makes you wonder how we, as a so called intelligent people fall for this line, over and over again.

Josh Fields and Ryan Nicodemus share this pathway to excess in their lives, which caused both of them to come to serious point of distress, relationship breakups and huge debt, all in the name of happiness. Both were young men at the top of their career trajectories, earning huge sums of money, but discovering they were at the bottom of the artificial world they had created, sad, ill and disillusioned.

In this small but addictive book, they set out the pathway they travelled to regaining their health, and happiness while having everything they want and need for a happy, fulfilling and debt free life, offering a pathway to follow for anyone who is struggling with excess in lives, and a journey which will be different for each person.

Giving away the trappings of ‘happiness’ is no easy thing to do as they both discovered, because at the heart of it, they, like everyone else had been programmed, not just by their life journeys, but also by commercial market forces, to believe more is better.

Becoming once again a free-thinking individual, verses a conformist is challenging, comes with some seriously liberating tactics, such as dropping your massive, unwanted and unwatched TV from the roof (not recommended for everyone). Just considering such an action is liberating.

Once you have read the book there is a very exciting finale – Your 21 Day Journey Into Minimalism to encourage you to take the first step to freedom. Why 21 days though you ask? Well, it takes 21 days to form a habit, which is what you have done therefore it takes 21 days to break the same habit. Along the way some fun is built in, so that the journey to a new, happy, free and minimal life becomes liberating and enjoyable, and shows what life really is all about; freedom, good health and happiness.

Author The Minimalists: Joshua Fields Milburn and Ryan Nicodemus
Publisher Hatchette
ISBN 9780733639081
Distributor Hatchette Austalia
Released July 2017