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Raise Your Voice: Transforming How You Speak, Sing and Present

Ever had to face the absolute horror of speaking in public, having to stand up in a meeting and present an idea and simply shuddered. Well you are not alone! There are thousands out there just like you, when faced with what could be considered in so many cases a ‘fate worse than death’.

Richard Lawton has spent many, many years working with a vast and diverse range of people, encouraging them to work past their fears, use their voices and enjoy the experience. Yes, enjoy the experience, whether it is to sing, speak in public forums, or simply to be able, at a minutes notice to stand up and address a group or add your opinion to a meeting.

Voices, your voice, others voices , do in so many ways make a statement about who you are and where you come from: it is a signature component of your identity and as such it is important that you are happy with your voice, happy with its ability to change views, to be used for happiness, pleasure and enjoyment.  

Have you ever truly wanted to be able to sing and sound better than a croaking frog, or simply to have the courage to speak out about something you care about passionately? As Richard says, help really is at hand for anyone who cares to take the journey into an entirely new world of freedom and enjoyment, simply by being able to use your voice with confidence and dare one say, aplomb.

He has taken many of the secrets used by actors, singers and presenters to help you understand the true pleasure, and let us not be too fussy here, the power, which can come from using your voice successfully.

The book is divided into two sections: the first relates to the emotional components which need to be addressed, body language, breathing as well as the personal gains to be discovered and utilized simply by using your voice.  Each chapter comes complete with tips, and case studies.

Part two relates to using your voice to sing, to bring joy, to relax and decrease the stress of living in this modern fast paced world. He looks at the longing for community which is something that sadly has become lost as the world becomes ever more fragmented, chanting and meditation which is guaranteed to bring stress relief and a great ‘feel good’ feeling. Finally a wonderful chapter letting you into the secrets all actors learn, in order to be able to do what they do successfully.

As always the Epilogue rounds out the story and in this story, Richard explains a little bit of his journey and why it is so important to be able to identify with the fact that there are many ‘authentic selves’, therefor there is a need to ‘catch the moment, to speak out……..(sic).”

Enjoy raising your voice and discovering a new, fresh and happy pathway forward in your life, which simply has to be absolute fun!

PublisherFinch Publications
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ReleasedSeptember 2017