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Sort Your Sh!t Out

There are many, many self-help books available but not often is there one more or less directly written for the men who struggle with self-esteem, self-doubt and a sense of overall inability to cope with life and emotion.

Gary Waldon a transformation change specialist has recognised this, trawling back through years of working with people learning how to cope with their own particular pile of shit, as well as his own pile, to bring together all the important points that need to be recognised to Sort Your Sh!t Out.

Bob is the main character in this story and as he largely charges or attempts to charge through his life issues, and his own often deep and dense pile of shit, looking for the magic bullet one stop fix it all shop, much is revealed about what is classified as shit, and how best to deal with the resultant pile.

In the introduction Highway to Hell, Waldon sets out in no nonsense language how this book was born and why it was written:  helping a young man he had known for many years begin to seriously face up to life, facing his fears and realising that he was not the only one on what he considered as his particular pathway to hell, proved to be an ah-ha moment. He realised that much of what he was sharing with Dan were many of his own hard learned lessons and  perhaps it was time he created a book he wished he had read when he too was desperately trying to understand his own often destructive behaviour patterns.

Well set out in plain no-bullshit language, the book can be used as a workbook, as in most of the sections there is a very blunt self-analysis area that should be complete to help you understand your behaviours and allow yourself to be vulnerable, or simply as an excellent read towards better understanding and accepting what is considered as human or shit behaviour; behaviour everyone has to face or deal with at some time in their lives.

Waldron uses a quote from the Dalai Lama, a man who also has to short his own shit out from time to time, ‘We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves’, which is the perfect place to begin on your roadway to sorting out your own shit!

Sort Your Shit Out is a transformational read for anyone who is facing their own pile of shit; Gary Waldon has just offered you your own shovel.

Author gary Waldon
Publisher Sort Your Own Shit Publishing Company
ISBN 9780648832003
Distributor Sort Your Own Shit Publishing Company
Released August 2020