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The Joy of Being Selfish

Why you need boundaries and how to set them!

Michelle Elman is a life coach, who has over 3.000 followers on her social media site. She claims to be able to help you rid your life of drama and toxic relationships which will allow you to love yourself and others in the best way you can. The introduction to the book The Joy Of Being Selfish (when usually you settle back to get a feel of the contents) has quite a few eyebrow raising, Ah ah moments, certainly more than enough of them to make it desirable to continue.

Michelle explains easily that by setting boundaries, we get our needs met first, without help from others, and once this has occurred we are ready to face challenges independently. We are free to reach out to others, secure in the knowledge that our safety barriers are set.

In my generation we were taught to place others’ needs before our own which helps or encourages the idea of avoiding the thought and planning that needs to go into living a fulfilling life. Elman feels it is necessary to be selfish, reorder your priorities and make loving yourself your own job.

Looking at the list to be considered, we find many questions with a true or false answer. If you answer true to such things as, “I find it hard to voice my opinions when I disagree with someone,” this book is definitely for you. The difference between building a wall and a boundary is quite explicit, and advice is given on how to build this. What Elman wants you to avoid is, “Closing you off to the world, keeping everyone out, and decisions made from fear or anger.”

Michelle Elman, writing simply and explicitly, has outlined clearly how to go about setting your own boundaries and personalising the process. Despite its challenging title, The Joy Of Being Selfish is an important book for those who want to reflect on their own position in life.

Author Michelle Elman
Publisher Welbeck
ISBN 9781787396777
Distributor Allen & Unwin
Released March 2021