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The Power to Change

How to Harness Change to Make it Work for You

Socrates, Buddha and Disraeli all alliterated on change at great length, or not so great length, during their lifetimes as they too struggled with the world about them changing. None of them could have envisioned the change that has taken over the world over the past eighteen months, when a virus was hatched in a market in Wuhan, China; a virus that has proven to be highly infectious and one against which  humans have no defence.

This virus changed the world overnight in as dramatic a manner as possible, with everything once considered as normal being deconstructed before the eyes of the world’s population. Trust was eroded,   a pandemic was declared and the governments of the world struggled to understand and manage with this new and very real threat.

In The Power To Change Campbell Macpherson has presented a comprehensive guide to understanding change and the fact of the matter, that while change a can be brutal, change comes with choices;  although there are times when everyone feels powerless against change, the reality is everyone has a choice as to how they react to change.

As he says a number of times throughout the book, he has not always been a successful person; he has faced change many times, wallowed in self-pity many times, started again many times and is realistic enough to understand, that this will keep on being a component of his life for a long time to come, as it will with most people.

Change is a natural part of life, but generally change arrives slowly and can often be dealt with step by step. But in 2020 change arrived with the force of a crash landing, not allowing people to slowly embrace a dramatically different style of living.

So, how best to learn to shape, restructure and rebuild life as it is now and on-going, whether you are the everyday man, a captain of industry, a small business owner, or a young person trying to find a way to make sense of the very different future they are facing.

Reading The Power to Change is the first step, the second step is following the very practical, tried and true advice, the third step is to embrace the change, look outside the square, find the new opportunities that are offering, which are there and will continue to be so, and embrace the reality.

As Macpherson says over and over again throughout the chapters, change is there to be embraced, not feared. Understanding the reason behind the fear, the personal barriers we all erect against change, and understanding that we all have a choice as to how we move on, face the fear, develop the natural optimism that is there within us all, will and does make a very big difference.

The Power To Change is a book that makes a huge amount of sense in today’s world. It is a book that will resonate, is powerful. It is book that will definitely make a difference in your world no matter who you are or where you live or what you do for a living.

Macpherson is saying it is OK to feel out of your depth, emotional and distressed facing a different future. He is offering the tools to help you move forward, to the acceptance of a world that is different, but one that is also full of opportunity.

A lovely quote from Charles Darwin, a man who embraced and understood change, has been placed at the end of the book, which sums up in entirety the message being offered throughout The Power To Change.

It is not the strongest of species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.’

Author Campbell Macpherson
Publisher Campbell Macpherson
ISBN 9781789664966
Distributor Campbell Macpherson
Released November 2020