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The Unstoppable Woman of Purpose: A Woman’s Guide to Conquer Life and Business with Confidence and Certainty (Unstoppable Woman of Purpose Global Movement)

CeeCee Clarke is a woman who has inspired others to rise to the top, to rise above adversity and to believe in the power of being a woman. She also asks what it would be like to be considered as Unstoppable. What could be done as an Unstoppable woman to achieve, instigate, change and create; to make a positive change on not just a personal level, but also on a global perspective?

A big ask and an even bigger challenge to accept, but in this anthology, twenty-two women, all leaders in their field, who have at some point accepted the challenge of becoming an Unstoppable woman, often overcoming huge and cataclysmic events, to accept change and achievement in their lives, in order to make a difference, show and demonstrate that with passion and belief in yourself, you can and will make a serious difference.

In all of the testimonies, because this is what they are, there is a common thread, that of a passion for what they do, the work they have chosen and the people about them who have helped and encouraged them to be able to become what they are ; Unstoppable women.

A number of the stories are deeply steeped in religion, almost to the point of camouflaging the vison and purpose that has been the catalyst for change in these women, but in many others, there is a belief in something other than themselves, some divine help and inspiration when the going became really tough, that has given them the strength and courage to overcome huge odds to in order to succeed and become successful in their chosen fields.

Described as an anthology for the visionary women who wants to succeed, the stories will be inspirational, will offer a pathway through what can often seem like insurmountable hurdles and challenges, and by understanding another’s pathway to the top, will support and show guidance to many women wanting to break out, to begin the same or similar journeys.

As the pages turn and the stories from truly inspirational women unfold, you are encouraged to embrace your femininity and grace, discover your soul journey, value your worth and discover and learn to re-charge your inner power.

To help you begin your journey, or consolidate your assets and purpose, there are a series of workbooks at the end of the book, coupled with a small biography of each of the women presenting in the anthology.

For the woman who sees no limitations, or the woman who is wondering whether to jump in and see what can be achieved, there is something amongst the pages and the stories, which will reach out, encourage, inspire and lead on to becoming an Unstoppable woman; a woman of power, a woman out to make a difference and finally bust the ‘glass ceiling’ into very small pieces.

Author Nella Chikwe
Publisher Winston Cartier Publishing (July 31, 2017)
ISBN 978-0648085645
Distributor Winston Cartier Publishing
Released October 2017