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The Wisdom of OZ

This very clever little book draws on the hidden wisdoms in the very well known Wizard of OZ, to present a powerful message of healing, hope and personal power.

Through the eyes of Theo, an old Professor who has his own “take” on life in general and his students, we take a walk down the yellow brick road, learning to look at so many of the everyday issues we encounter in a different light. We are encouraged to look further than just the surface to find the true message contained within each challenge presented
in our life.

Although the original book was written at the turn of the last century, the philosophies remain the same today and will bring, love, hope and joy into your life as they are discovered, employed and enjoyed, which is after all the essence of the story, old or new.

Easy to read and extremely thought provoking, this is a book which will change the way you look at your life.

Author Philippa Merivale
Publisher O Books
ISBN 978 1 84694 318 8