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Urban Woman Syndrome

The Urban Woman Syndrome, what is it and who does it affect is what is presented, research and highlighted through this thought provoking work by well-known health practitioner Dr Debra Villar; a woman who has been there and needed to find a way forward that worked for her. In doing so she realised what she discovered could help many other women as they to fall prey to Urban Woman Syndrome.

But what is it and who are the victims of this ‘modern condition’. Many women reading this will immediately realise that it is them; they are the young mothers, wives and career women who have taken on an enormous task, that of juggling, work, family relationships, all to the detriment of their own lives and are wondering why they are always so tired, why there is never any time for them, and why, even though they work harder and a faster, there still never seem to be any spare time to simply sit and enjoy.

Somewhere over the past twenty years or more, it has become the trend to always be so busy. Is it a mark of who we are all becoming, or is it something that has slowly crept into society to delineate your status as super woman, is a question that needs to be asked! By becoming superwoman though, what is it that is sacrificed along the way, or does anything need to be sacrificed at all?

Dr Debra says that in this , “yes,  you can have it all’ world of the modern woman, you can have it all, if that is what you want, but you have to learn to work smarter and look after your health along the way.

In her Eat, Move, Think program she discusses the basic fundamentals required not just by women but also busy men, to be able to live a healthy, happy and balanced life, while maintaining the lifestyle of your choosing. She looks at what she terms as Mismatched Diseases, something that is a grave concern to today world and medical profession, the food we eat, the amount of exercise required over a week to remain happy and healthy.

An excellent chapter on Urban Kids lays out very clearly the effects of the digital era on young children, from gestation to birth and beyond; underscoring the fact that good health develops at pre-conception which again highlights the need for the modern woman to have a healthy life style, especially as many are choosing to commence families later in life.

In general the book is an informative and well-presented guide to working smart and leading a healthy, happy, fulfilling life with your family, while presenting a fresh new perspective on what can be done very simply and cost effectively to save yourself from developing, or should you have already fallen victim, to repairing the Urban Woman Syndrome which may well be a major player in your life.

Author Dr debra Villa
Publisher Busybird Publishing
ISBN 978-1-925585-05-6
Distributor Busybird Publishing
Released May 2017