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Yoga Girl

Yoga was one of the very few things that helped Rachel Brathen rebuild her life after a time when her world seemed to be falling apart; a world that was similar to many others; a world that had and still has its highs and lows and is far more than just the image that is on Instagram, that of a laughing, fit and healthy young woman.

The discipline of Yoga was something Rachel discovered in Costa Rica, after she discovered meditation and has now become a main and focal component of her life. She has now moved from a practitioner to a qualified Yoga teacher, who has taken the art of Yoga outdoors to some very exotic and lovely locations. When she tried the option of using her paddleboard as a studio, it could be considered the ultimate; if nothing else it is certainly unique!

But back to her book; she has created a work that offers so much more than the surface like glam of Instagram as she talks openly about her childhood, her mother’s mental health issues, divorce in the family and the fall out that saw her, during her teen years, heading for a very different direction; that of drugs, alcohol and an abusive relationship.

In her book and in her daily Instagram posts she encourages learning and understanding Yoga and using it daily, regardless of where you are or what you are doing as it helps keep you in shape both physically and mentally. With more than one million followers on Instagram, she shares a small piece of her life with her followers daily. In ‘Yoga Girl’ she shares far more and allows people to see that great things can come along in life, if you just give it a chance.

Along with the spectacular photographs, the yoga information and exercises there is also a collection of her recipes to help you towards a healthy, happy and enjoyable life.

AuthorRachel Brathen
PublisherYellow Kite