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By the Sea: A Photographic Voyage Around the Blue Planet

Stunning in it beautiful simplify this totally enjoyable photographic journey around the world is designed to please the armchair traveller and well as the lover of wonderful photography, over and over again.

Travel journalist Peter Guttman has managed to capture the essence of the world as it is now; the magnificence, the raw beauty, the joy of people going about their daily lives, incredible architecture and the splendour that is all around if we simply care to look and take note.

From the magnificent lobster prepared for the evening meal at a lobster pound on the shores of Maine to the sheer pleasure of pouring water over your head on the beach at Ripley’s Cove, an evening reading by lantern light creates visions of another time and place when life was, in so many ways more simplistic, then to the diaphanous mists of a dramatic waterfall in Milford Sound make up just some of the magnificence captured in the more than two hundred images which make up this collection.

Divided into seven segments or sections you can choose to unwrap the images one by one in systematic fashion or leap into the pages with enthusiasm, discovering the images which will fascinate and enthral at will.

Many of the images have been  presented in singular format with the captions placed on separate pages to allow the essence of the moment captured for all time to be able to be viewed without interference, allowing the imagination to absorb and translate as it will.

Whatever country, format, style or moment captured, the works command, almost demand, viewing in their clarity, their colour and their exuberance as life, living and our magnificent planet are celebrated.

As you wander your way throughout the pages you will find yourself returning to some of the images again and again as they reach out and touch a chord at that moment. The next time you take a walk through the pages different images will capture you as you sit and dream, and wonder, about the moment, the person, the simple joy, the moment of reflection offered.

A coffee table book definitely; a glorious collection of photographs definitely, a book to be used to take time out and move to a place that is refreshing and filled with the beauty, captured by a Master. Definitely!

AuthorPeter Guttman
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing