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Life’s A Journey – The Adventure Continues

For more than thirty years Ken Duncan has travelled the world capturing those precious moments in time that not only can record a history of the world as it is and was, but so many more times captures the true beauty of the world in all its many guises; magnificence, turbulence, fury and destruction, but above all hope and renewal of life on earth.

He has, once again, offered his unique selection of photos on Life, his in particular, in a manner designed to reach out and touch all with the love and beauty that is life, a journey.From the first page to the very last Ken Duncan shares his continuing love of life, of his journey, which is far from complete and his passion through the lens of his camera or rather, his life.

Many prints selected to create this unparalleled work come from a collection which spans more than thirty years, some recent and others which look back decades reflecting  upon a lifestyle and country which no longer exists; changing as the world moves forward.

Each page is as unique as the picture place upon it with such loving care. Each photo has its own story:  sometimes the story of how he managed to capture such an amazing image, sometimes his musings on life in general and more often than that not, his reflections on one of his many conversations with God, or the Creator, as he is often apt to be called.

Some of the photos are without words. other than a small caption or quote placed underneath. which is all that is required.

Duncan addresses the issues of global warming, political freedom, wildlife preservation and rainforests. He address life and politics in a very subtle but powerful medium, that of the photograph, one that says it all a thousand times over.

Reflective, motivational and unique, the best way to be able to absorb the magnificence in the pages is to begin at the beginning and read through it – no small task. Once you have completed the journey take a page a day, read, reflect and enjoy every moment of the experience and listen to the Creator speak to you thought the magnificent medium of Ken Douglas and his photos, as they portray our world for you.

AuthorKen Duncan
PublisherPanographs Publishing Pty Ltd