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The Weekend Photographer

With the advent of the digital age and in particular digital cameras fantastic photographs have come within reach of anyone who can afford a simple point and shoot camera.

Keen amateur photographer John Van Put has combined his love of photography along with his collection of hundreds of simple tips for all weekend photographers which will help turn a good picture into a great photograph.

The introductory section not only introduces you to his philosophies but also sets out differing styles of photography and the kits needed to make the most out of each genre. He talks about the weather, the location, light and in some of the more difficult or challenging locations weather warnings.

 Each of the photographs illustrated has a detailed description of the site or location combined with the details of the camera, lens, settings, flash and focal length making it very simple for you to apply these setting to your own photography.

Each section of photography such as seascape, landscape, monochrome has been filled with a comprehensive selection of shots. A general section on night photography, perhaps one of the tricker areas to master the many varied challenges which can and often do crop up on a night shoot, is particularly helpful.

More than just a coffee table book of great photographs it is also an excellent handbook to be used time and time again by the weekend photographer.

AuthorJohn Van Put
PublisherNew Holland