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Those Were the Days – Australia in the Sixties

Ah, those were the days. Every generation is about change of some sort but perhaps, and this may be a nostalgia reflection, none that followed have been quite like the ‘60’s.

Thankfully, much of this wondrous time has been captured in a magnificent collection of images by the Morrisons which allow us to look back, reminisce but more importantly, an era of significant social and cultural change in a country we and so many more now call “Home”, has been documented. And just for the record, Yep, we really did look like that!

They were the days of challenging the status quo, breaking out, flexing the wings; the era of shocking the establishment, pushing the boundaries. It was a generation of just about everything you could think of changing or being changed: a change that was not just in or about Australia, perhaps just more so here.

 During the course of the ‘60’s Australia and Australians were trying to establish their own identity: that of Australia, not something like Britain with USA influence or vis-a-vis. We had already established our reputation as fearless “diggers” during WW2. The ‘60’s was about political and social standing, the essence of what it meant to be an Australian in the brave new era of change.

It was the era of the Cold war the Cuban crisis, what you may say where those, but they were all a part of the changing face of the world. The bikini caused uproar, the Beatles and the Rolling Stones more so, the devil was behind it all, but, when the topless fashions hit the catwalk and the beach, the justly righteous and virtuous were outraged. And that is a definite understatement!

Simple things perhaps by today’s standards, but just some of the many events which occurred during a massive time of change that helped create and lead the new form of expressionism that was everywhere. Psychedelic colours were vogue and you were either, Mod, Rocker, Surfie or Hippy, dressing accordingly.

Those and many more were the choices on the street for the new generation! Life was for the taking, life was fun: It also came with protest marches, something that was considered revolutionary, women’s rights were also at the forefront towards the end of the ‘60’s, along with a new wave of social and environmental consciousness.

It was quite time to be growing up not just from a personal perspective but from a national perspective: It was the time when Australia came of age, establishing the beginnings of what has become the country we live in and enjoy daily.

And just for the record, Yep, we really did look like that!

AuthorRon and Elizabeth Morrison
PublisherExisle Publishing