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Silence Speaks

Goldman’s poetry is always intriguing and in so many ways inspiring as in its simple format, the words remain accessible to anyone who chooses to pick up the book and simply open the page to enjoy the words discovered.

Silence Speaks is a work containing much comfort, fun and simple enjoyment and as with all of his anthology’s it is a work that should be opened at any page, allowing the words to speak directly to you, to the place you are emotionally at the time of seeking; unless of course you enjoy beginning and traveling through each page until the final word is read, following a journey of discovery, a journey that, as with all poetry, is personal, soothing and thought provoking.

Silence Speaks offers a gentle, graceful tone couched within the words that grace the pages, that is lovely, refreshing and in many instances a smile, occasionally wry, is encouraged as memories of past events in life are refreshed.

Divided into three distinct parts Inside Silence, Outside Silence and Inside Again, with each of the segments specific to their title as in Conversations of One, where Goldman looks at the inevitability of having a conversation with one’s self and whether this wonderful seductiveness of voice still serves the same purpose. A little internal introspection is required here!

The beautiful, deeply spiritual piece I Surrender can be discovered in Outside Silence, beginning with Hemmingway’s quote reflecting on chance, before moving into the spiritual words tripping back the emotions to discover the wonderful, ‘I Am’. On the facing page is the quirky piece On Glory’s Road, which while it is full of mixed metaphors, brings a smile in its summing up of a small slice of life, courtesy of a small, shiny red tricycle and a row boat.

Ordination is perhaps written to be used as a contemplation on life, an affirmation to accept that everything in life is ordained. In Gratitude, Lest You be Forgotten there is the reminder that we do need to remember to be grateful for the blessings we are given on a daily basis.

Silence Speaks has been created to be delved into, knowing whichever piece selected in will resonate, remain with you, encouraging a deep connection with all that is spiritual.

An absolute tapestry of feelings, emotions which are steeped in spirituality sees Goldman in a very reflective phase, one that is delightful, enjoyable and in his words, ‘ecstatic’.


Author Paul Goldman
Publisher GenZ Publishing
ISBN 978-1978412477
Distributor Paul Goldman
Released 2018