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The 13-Storey Treehouse: A play for young audiences

Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton, who are widely known throughout the world of books and authors as a formidable team, whom between them can come up with some very plausible, but absolutely crazy plots that capture the imagination and become runway best sellers, have allowed Richard Tullock to capture their every craziness, turning their zany 13 Story Treehouse story into a play.

Now after reading the script, this is a play that is almost as full of craziness as the book, but because it is on a stage, which as you all know is pretty flat, has a had to make do without actually constructing the 13 story tree house, but other than that, is pretty good and very, very, very funny.

As the actors perform the many rolls, they will have the audience in heaps of laughter, almost wanting to join in and help the cast as they struggle their way through the plot. Fun, disaster and other stuff notwithstanding, because in an Andy and Terry books, pretty much anything can and often does happen, this is a play that will see the audience in fits of laughter.

Of course, the two main characters are Terry and Andy, and the rest are not all, but many of the others you can find in the book. But not to give to much away, there is a fish or is it a mermaid or is it a computer or maybe even something else entirely, mixed up in the storyline and on stage of course! As well as a secret laboratory and a marshmallow machine that has a little bit of fun!

For any teacher or small professional or amateur theatre company looking to create an end of year play or anytime of the year play, The 13 Story Tree House would be a hard one to pass up as it has an incredible amount of flexibility and can have as large or small a cast as required.

Stage set, costumes and props can be simple, minimal or elaborate depending on your budget.

After all, with a script based on such an enjoyable romp through the imagination crafted from imagination, pens and paper of Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton, what could possibly go wrong!


Author adapted by Richard Tulloch, original author Andy Griffiths, Terry Denton
Publisher New South Publictions
ISBN 9781742236490
Distributor New South Books
Released August 2019