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The Possibly True Adventures of Fanny Campbell

Set in pre-revolutionary Rhodes Island, Fanny Campbell has been bought up by her father to be an independent young woman. She can shoot, fish, sail and use a broadsword with gusto. Her father a proud Scot, and previous sword maker made very sure his daughter could defend herself if there ever was the need.

Now orphaned and living on the family farm with her beloved Sarah, Amos and their son………………. she manages to outshine all the local lads, and therefor has been considered by her Aunts to be sadly destined to never marry.

A serious storm blows Will, a British Naval Officer into her world and after a somewhat unusual courtship they decide to marry, only to have Will recalled to his repaired ship and then captured by pirates off the coast of America.

Fanny, never one to ignore a challenge decides to go to sea to try and rescue Will. She disguises herself as a seaman, manages to get a berth on a ship, only to have that ship also captured by the elegant, skilfully captained Bloody Rose, a well-known pirate ship. From this time on her epic adventures really begin as she becomes a very valued crew member of the Bloody Rose.

While reading through old newspapers of the times Brooks Almy came across the fanciful tale of a young heroine, Fanny Campbell, the story of a brave, fearless young woman which inspired An Accidental Pirate.

Slow to begin with An Accidental Pirate is a comfortable read that picks up pace towards the middle of the book and would make a pleasant afternoon read on the couch.

Author Brooks Almy
Publisher Bold Story Press
ISBN 978-1954805361
Distributor Bold Story Press
Released April 2023