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At the Water’s Edge

When Madeline Hyde and husband Ellis go one step to far at yet another party in Philadelphia, they are not only shunned by the polite society, Ellis is also cut off from his financial support, which leaves the couple in a serious dilemma.

No longer welcomed in Philadelphia society, or by Ellis’s parents, Ellis and his friend the wealthy and footloose Hank, come up with the idea to go to Scotland, to Lock Ness and have another attempt to find the Lock Ness Monster, supposedly found and photographed by Ellis’s father many years before.

The three set off to cross the Atlantic on a cargo ship during the days when the German U-boats patrolled the waves. Almost safe in Scotland one of the boats in the convoy is torpedoed, a trauma which was to remain with Maddie, not just because of the torpedoing, but as she rushed up on deck when the ship finally docked, she was witness to  the rescued, badly burned and disfigured sailors being taken to shore in litters.

By the time they reach their hotel in Drumnadrochit, Maddie is seriously unwell, over travelling and so exhausted she can barely stand. Their welcome was hardly the ‘red carpet’ they all expected!

This is her journey from spoiled society miss to a woman of character, as she discovers she has been played for a fool by her husband and the massive difference between thinking she is in love, and being in love and cherished.

She inadvertently learns her marriage to Ellis was decided on the toss of a coin and that the contempt she had begun to feel for him on the journey from America, just keeps on growing.

Set during the war torn days, when food was rationed, bombing raids were commonplace, even in the highlands of Scotland and the loss of a life was felt by the entire village, Maddie begins to learn about life and friendship and that what you do, can and does make a difference.

As the days go on, Hugh and Ellis relentlessly pursue their quest to find “Nessie” with little or no success, disappearing for days on end from the Inn, without letting Maddie know when they will return.

It is during this time she learns about life in the village, earns the right to be accepted into village life and begins to carve out her own place in the daily existence of the Inn. She discovers that life and friendship can be a wonderful place to be, particularly once you decide to become a real person.

From the first page to the last you are totally engaged in this warm, rich and wonderful story of life, betrayal and love.

AuthorSara Gruen
PublisherAllen & Unwin