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Can’t Fight Fate

In this light-hearted look at love, it is easy relate to the tangle that can be created when Nikki sets out on what appears to be a pre-destined pathway to find ‘Mr Right’.

Nikki is a young Australian Lawyer who specialises in Entertainment Law. She accompanies her friend Jacqui to a Psychic in order to discover just what Jacqui’s partner has been up to and if there is any kind of a future for them. While there, Nikki feels a sense of destiny as well and returns to have her own future told.

This involves a very definite description of Mr Right, down to the last detail, which includes the colour of his eyes.

After several false starts and the ending of go nowhere, seven year relationship, she decides to take up her friend Siobhan’s offer to come to LA. That’s when the real fun begins as Nikki lands herself in the fast lane as far as work, relationships, love and living go and does eventually get to meet the man she was told about so many years before.

But is he really Mr Right or, as she eventually asks of herself, can you almost miss the right man by looking constantly for someone that was never really meant to be………

Enjoyable, light, entertaining reading for a day relaxing at home with a good box of chocolates and a glass of red!

AuthorLisa N. Edwards
PublisherVivid Publishing