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Chocolate Cake for Breakfast

She’s a country vet, he’s a pin up poster boy for New Zealand Rugby as we’ll as a national sporting hero and the world famous lock for the All Blacks. And so begins a warm hearted look at love and all its little idiosyncrasies that will have you smiling and relating to their journey towards true love. This is their story of falling in love.

Helen is at a party and decides to nip outside to avoid speaking with someone and to get a breath of fresh air. Mark is down from Auckland visiting his cousin and is also outside siting on the gorund in the dark.  Helen literally trips over him and so they begin to talk. He says he plays rugby and she says she’s a vet.

Hardly inspiring conversation, so when Mark Tipene turns up at the vet clinic the next day to ask her out she can’t work out what the attraction is that he should want to ask her out.

Between first class rugby games, calving cows and unexpected call outs from the Vet clinic, the romance blossoms. Until…..Helen discovers something she is not too confident she is going to be able to handle…. She’s pregnant, and is none too sure how Mark is going to react to the news.

Truth to tell she’s not too sure how she is going to handle it. She loves her work and he loves his rugby and doesn’t think either of them is ready to give it all up to have a child.

What happens as they work their way through this life challenge will bring a chuckle to the lips and a tear to the eye, as Helen and Mark set out to become parents in a very public arena.


AuthorDanielle Hawkins
PublisherAllen & Unwin