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Coolibah Creek

Drama, suspense and hardship, mingle with love, care, concern, greed and hope to bring together a powerful and enjoyable story based on the true power of love surmounting even the mightiest of challenges.

Set loosely in Western Queensland this is a bit more than the average country romance; it is about all the things life dishes up and how Bec Roberts and the love of her life, husband Andy face the good and the bad that comes with life in remote country; the daily challenges which will push them both to their limits and beyond.

Facing up to the ravages of a terrible drought that appears to never want to end, there is nothing more Bec and Andy would like more than to have a child of their own. But like the drought ending, this too also seems to be on the someday schedule.

Just at the moment the cattle are getting thinner by the day, rain is nothing more than a dream and although the property has been in the family for generations, the Bank is starting to want some of their money back. It is looking pretty dire for the couple, but sadly things are only going to get worse before they get better.

Eventually the rains do come bringing with them welcome relief but also flooding much of the area. This brings with it tragedy to the neighbouring homestead, when Maggie O’Donnell, Bec’s friend and wife of hard drinking Doug, is drowned in the swollen creek. The far reaching effects of this are unexpected.

But life has not finished with the couple; Andy and top stockman Clarry head out to round up a rouge bull known as King Canute; King Canute has other ideas about this and ultimately wins the day in the most horrific manner, landing Andy in hospital in a coma.

When all seems at its darkest here is a ray of light and hope offered when Bec discovers she is at last, pregnant.

There are several stories running alongside each other which are woven into a single strand that forms the basis of life and offers a wonderful portrayal of family life.


AuthorKelsey Neilson
PublisherAllen & Unwin