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Crimson Dawn

Nambina is a property that has been in Laura Murphy’s family for years and when her beloved Papa, Howie, turns the running of the property over to her she is completely astonished. It’s not that she doesn’t love the property, the work and the people; it is such a huge leap of faith by her Papa and family handing over the family heritage.

She takes on the role willingly finding the running of the property challenging but not as challenging as dealing with her boyfriend Josh, from the neighbouring acres and his sister and her best friend Meghan, when tragedy strikes.

The aftermath leaves Laura stunned, depressed, friendless and feeling a great sense of being alone.

Best friend Catherine, suggests that in addition to the normal farming routine she considers starting a farming school for young women who need to increase and develop their land skills.

Laura takes up the challenge and also revives the traditional art of showing her sheep for their wool at the annual Adelaide Show, Along the way, coupled with the success of the school, she begins to realise something is not right with this latest crop of students, which opens the gateway to discovering who and what is trying to destroy everything Laura has worked so hard to establish.

An second story runs parallel with Laura’s story, that of Thomas Murphy, which will hold you enthralled as it tells the story of early shearing and wool classing in Australia, and how Thomas’s life appears to be part of what is to be appearing to be a huge blow, not just to Nambina but to Laura’s family.

Love comes back gently into Laura life, in spite of all the troubles, giving her the strength and reassurance to carry on when it appears she and her family are going to lose Nambina , or so they are lead to believe by a firm of Adelaide lawyers.

Saving the family property will prove to be the biggest fight of Laura’s life but will eventually hold the strongest blessing, once the mystery of the Murphy family is solved.

Warm, enjoyable, real and entertaining this is a story of grit, determination and holding the faith in spite of adversity. A really good armchair read based on the reality of life in the modern days of farming and living.

AuthorFleur McDonald
PublisherAllen & Unwin