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Don’t Know What You’ve Got Til It’s Gone

We met Nina at her desk trying not to strangle herself with the phone cord over a ridiculous price for pictures of celebrities Lulu Hopkins’s and Jason Dells exclusive wedding photos.

Nina is the editor of celebrity weekly mag Juice and knows when she is being held to ransom for great cover pictures, but is not going to buy into this deal just yet, even though she knows that was what it took to sell truckloads of celeb mags.

She’s come up the hard way, kicking a serious alcohol abuse problem, splitting with her long time partner and having to work her way back into the top job. She’s still got a way to go but she’s getting there.

This is also about friendship, love, trust, faith and what goes wrong when you decide to take umbrage at all your friends becoming pregnant, almost all at once and the fall-out that happens when you can’t accept life’s other little issues.

Nina and her long time, forever friend Heidi belong to a friendship group of other career minded women who all begin to fall pregnant, resulting in the total speak over drinks and dinner revolving around morning sickness and other related topics.

After a trip to the States with Heidi, things really begin to change in Nina’s world once more but somehow the baby issue just won’t go away.

Juice magazine is to become a reality TV weekly show Freshly Squeezed Juice, but along with that comes a whole new load of responsibility and new friendships, or are they really friendships in the truest sense of the word.

It’s not until Heidi tells it like it is she is forced to face up to the fact that perhaps she is not the best friend she thought she was. Maybe life really is not all about her!

Sadly, she finds she is getting further and further out of step with her friends, somehow she’s managed to become a TV personality along with having her life dragged through the celebrity muck machine.

 When Heidi admits she is also pregnant with twins this seems to be the final straw in the friendship until Heidi threatens to miscarry. Nina has to take a fresh look at just what is really important in life, hers and her friends, while she waits with Heidi to see what will be the outcome.

A quirky piece of chick-lit with a topical subject twinned about the values that sometimes get trampled in the race to get to the top.

AuthorGemma Crisp
PublisherAllen & Unwin