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Fool Me Once

Fool Me Once from much loved Australian author Karley Lane is guaranteed to be the perfect light read for the somewhat unusual times, we all find ourselves learning to manage.

Spare a thought for Georgie Henderson, a young woman who, ever since she was a very small girl, dreamed of nothing else other than to become a farmer, Family circumstances were such that even though her dream of working family acreage was no longer an option, she had carved out a niche for herself as the manager of a cattle property at Stoney Creek, for crusty old bachelor Harry, who had reluctantly gone to Melbourne due to age and health reasons.

Reluctantly agreeing to go with long time friend Shannon, to the local  B&S Ball (Bachelors and Spinsters), she is standing watching the dance floor, wishing to be anywhere but there, when she looks up and makes eye contact with a rather good looking, slightly older man, appearing to be the same as her, wondering why he was there!

Michael Delacourt has a back history, as does Georgie Henderson, which at the beginning of what proves to be undeniable attraction, would not seem to be a problem, as surely this burning, almost addictive desire for each other, would fade into wonderful memories. Surely!

As the days and then weeks pass, their attraction simply gets stronger and stronger. Michael, once he realises his family business interests are behind Georgie’s passionate commitment to buy back her family farm, faces serious conflict as to how much to let Georgie know about his stepfather’s business, and why he, Michael, is no longer is a part of the family business concerns. He also has to face up to the fact he should have told her right at the beginning of their relationship.

Once things come to a devastating head, both Georgie and Michael find themselves estranged, damaged and deeply distressed about their lives, relationship and trying to rebuild if at all possible, a future together.

Karley Lane began this story-line some years ago, leaving it to one side to embark upon another project. Rediscovered and now complete, she has woven a delicious tale of lust, love, betrayal, consequences and chasing dreams, which as time passes often need to be reconsidered.

Georgie and Michael finally decide is what is important in their lives, but it is how they come to this conclusion, that will keep the pages turning until the final word.

Author Karly Lane
Publisher Allen and Unwin
ISBN Allen & Unwin
Distributor Allen and Unwin
Released May 2020