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Girl in Between

In every lifetime there is a place you would rather not be; a crossroads if you like, of time and place and people. Lucy Crighton has, by a various means, found herself in just such a place and it would seem is stuck in a groove she is not at all sure how to get out of, or even if she wishes to do so, come to that.

Her career is at an all-time low, well actually, it really does not seem to exist, she simply cannot move on  from her broken relationship and living back at home with Mum and Dad at her age, is a bit like refusing to get out of your pj’s at lunchtime; a bit too comfortable. She has decided to take a year out and write a book, but even that seems to have stalled.

A new owner moves into the house next door to her parents and two rather good looking men are helping her to shift in; turns out they are her sons come up to help, who are also happy to meet the neighbours and be a little social, but even this cannot seem to shake Lucy out of her wonderful sea of depression.

Her friend Rosie, a complete extrovert is doing her best to try and shake her friend out of her misery and almost seems to be succeeding when a reminder from the past comes knocking at the door.

But it takes an almost cataclysmic event to help Lucy realise she is on a one way street to nowhere at all, and to make a momentous decision to join Rosie, who has relocated to London.  Rosie has the completely opposite outlook and if there is something going on she wants to be a part of the action.

As the days go by Lucy begins to look forward to working in the local bookshop, life in London, a new love and a fresh perspective. She even manages to finish here book.

But as in all events of the heart and life, can Lucy figure out what it is that she really wants out of life and is she brave enough, when it is offered, to be able to grab it and run with the opportunity.

A lovely warm hearted, slightly quirky, look at the many ups and downs life has to offer as we slowly wend our way through the many pitfalls of finding the absolutely right person with whom to spend the rest of our days.

Filled with a host a colourful, outlandish characters Girl In Between is a lovely, light-hearted novel that will resonate, make you laugh out loud and feel ever so good by the final page.

Author Anna Daniels
Publisher Arena
ISBN 9781760295301
Distributor Allen and Unwin
Released May 2017