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Hartley’s Grange

Lily’s life has just hit the dirt, big time. Her long-time boyfriend has been caught read-handed with another woman; she has just quit her job in a business she loved. She is heading out town to her sisters for some much needed TLC when the rain starts with a vengeance; she loses control of the car on the dirt road and crashes her car. What else can go wrong?

She slowly returned to focus, griping the steering wheel with grim determination when she hears a voice call asking if she is OK.  It is none other than Flynn Hartley, love of her young life when she and her sister Violet lived in Violet Falls, who has come to her rescue.

He bundles her up and delivers her to her to Violet who is engaged to Flynn’s best mate Mac McKellan, little knowing that the next step in both their lives was to begin right there.

As the days moved on Lily has time to reflect on the reasons she and Violet left Violet Falls and what she thinks she will do from now going forward to earn a living and help out with household expenses.

Her grandfather has left her a shop premises in the main street of town and she decides to set up her own couture business as design is her first love and she is pretty damned good at it, so much so perhaps it is time she tried to go it on her own.

As the days stretch into weeks, setting up a new business is not the only thing to change as Flynn Hartley is becoming a regular feature in her life, old friendships are being rebuilt and the shop fitout is coming along well, until things start to go slightly wrong.

There appears to be someone who is targeting the new business before it gets established but in such a small town, the general opinion is that it is one of occurrence.

Under the skilful pen of Nicole Hurley-Moore, we are enveloped in a world where lives are put back together; lessons are learned, old friends resurface in the McKellan family giving a lovely continuity to a timeless story of life, love and living.

 A wonderful read for a lazy Sunday afternoon which will leave you with a total dose of that ‘feel-good’ feeling!


AuthorNicole Hurley-Moore
DistributorAllen & Unwin
ReleasedFebruary 2016