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High Country Hero

This romantic novel by Holly Ford, is set in the beautiful High Country in Australia. The main character Lennie, a vet, is actually living and working in Sydney. She has a very prestigious job in a large animal hospital and loves her work and her friends. However, this young woman has a very strong connection to her family. Her mother is a professional, independent woman, and often goes overseas for research and conferences. So Lennie spent time with her much loved grandparents during her teenage years.

Grandfather is a vet in a tiny country town in the high country. Grandma is an independent woman also, who has been asking her husband to retire for some time. Grandpa won’t agree to this, and so, after many years of marriage, grandma has left him. Grandpa, or Jim, asks Lennie if she can come up to the clinic and help him, as he has some tough decisions ahead. She agrees and starts to relieve her grandfather of many of the tedious chores.

It is here that Lennie meets an old school flame, who she was madly in love with while attending the local high school. He is part of a corporation who want to buy grandpa’s practice and build a super clinic to treat animals. Never noticing her as a young woman at school, he is now strongly attracted to her, and begins to seek her company.

Dealing with all these issues, Lennie then meets a man who pilots the helicopters for the local farmers. There is an instant attraction between the two of them, but as the pilot’s story unfolds, we see that it could be impossible for him to form a relationship.

So, will Grandma and Grandpa get back together again? Will the Vet surgery be sold? Will Lennie find the relationship she has been searching for? Amid the beautiful landscape of the High Country, the story gradually unfolds, with many twists and turns along the way. Gentle humour lightens the story at times, especially when Grandma says that all she wants is to go and see The Lion King.

AuthorHolly Ford
PublisherAllen and Unwin
ReleasedMarch 2018