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How Not to Hate a Duke

For lovers of a cozy dose of Romance for a relaxing trip into a world far, far away from the modern world, Jennifer Haymore provides the perfect Historic romance in How Not To Hate A Duke as Georgina Milford and the sworn enemy of her family, Theo St Clair, the Duke of Desborough come face to face at a Country House party and sparks fly.

Georgina is thoroughly fed up with being made to attend Ton events in London by her mother who is search of a husband for her daughter, a daughter who is not getting any younger. The issue is the men who are interested are after her fortune; they are boring, frustrating and sycophants!

Feeling daring she accepts an invitation to Country House party hosted by her dear friends Charlotte and Finn, for once escaping her mother and societies stricture, but when she meets up with a man she and her family truly despise, the dreaded ‘Duke of Despot’s’, she begins to wonder if she should leave immediately.

Over the course of the following days they are forced together, a handsome man, struggling to restore his families fortune and Georgina, who is slowly beginning to wonder if perhaps there is more to this man than she has previously understood.

Conflict, passion and family challenges have been seamlessly woven together to entice one into a world of strict society standards, where to break the rules was to be excluded from polite society and to think for oneself as woman, was almost forbidden. Georgina and Theo are out to break all the rules as they struggle to come to terms with a powerful love and family conflict decades old.

Jennifer Hayward has provided a nice mix of family and society conflict, a strong female character, a devilishly handsome Duke, a very good dose of forbidden passion and a finale which is at the very least unexpected, to create a very entertaining and believable romance.

Author Jennifer Haymore
Publisher Entangled Publishing
ISBN 979-8884236042
Distributor Entangled Publishing/Amazon
Released March 2024