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Love By Design

The Lilac lake Inn Series. Book One.

Love by Design in an interesting romance as a beginner for a new series, as it sets the scene for what is to follow; in this case it is a story of three sisters who have been gifted a legacy of a Cottage located on the property of Lilac Lake Inn; a property once owned by their Grandmother, but now sold to new owners.

Dani, an Architect, her sister Whitney, an actress and Taylor a writer come together to spend a weekend with their grandmother to find out what this rather unusual gift means, or more interestingly, why she has chosen to sell off the Inn yet keep the Cottage.

Dani has never been recognised in the firm she works for, often sidelined for the more interesting work, Whitney is going through a serious break-up with former partner and co-star and Taylor is really suffering from writer’s block. Each one hopes that Lilac Lake will offer them the peace they so desperately need, while they try to honour the wishes of the grandmother.

Brad Collister and his brother Aaron own the construction company renovating the Inn. They are also the Company chosen to work on the Cottage, should the sisters agreed to keeping the old Cottage, which is supposedly haunted.

Dani is not looking for a new relationship and Brad is still mourning the loss of his wife to cancer; the last thing either of them want is another relationship but sparks are slowly fanned from their first meeting and a gentle romance begins to blossom.

Charming in a somewhat older style of romance, Love By Design has a good if somewhat standard storyline, which at times is muddled and repetitious, interesting women in that they are women who know what they want and a ghost to add a sparkle to the romance of Dani and Brad.

For lovers of romance that is an easy, comfortable and familiar read, Love By Design fits in nicely.

Author Judith Keim
Publisher Wild Quail Publishing
ISBN 9781959529149
Distributor Amazon
Released August 2023