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Lust at First Bite Discover & seduce your lover’s appetite

As the cover of this book shows, this is a cookbook for couples.  It contains some recipes, mostly dessert based, and ideas of how to present this food.  There are twelve tantalising chapters outlining the ingredients for food and drinks, followed by ideas for “Love and Lust.” These recipes and ideas are suitable for busy couples who can take time out for a date night. Although the mood is light-hearted, there are sage words, such as “Be sincere with your partner, let your inhibitions go and allow yourself to feel safe and free in the moment.” The scantily clad couples, who are naked, or in the bath or enjoying the moment, still need to eat, and here are some ideas to combine food and love.

Oysters, not surprisingly, feature in the opening pages. They are prepared with breadcrumbs, cheese, wine and spinach, and baked in the oven. Salmon fillets are next on the menu, and appear in a simple yet appealing recipe with Salsa Verde. Fortunately, the dessert to follow is a Lemon Meringue Pie, which is served chilled, as it would take some time to prepare. The next section of the book shows a dessert called, “Tie me up Tiramisu,” where a blindfold is used as one partner feeds the other. With Paella, of course, you will need a few Spanish phrases to complete the atmosphere. Suggestions for these are given.

Some ideas that intersperse the recipes and photographs are writing love notes to each other. Questions such as, “What item of clothing do you love to see me wearing?” can be a guide for dressing for your dinner. There are also creative ideas, such as painting each other’s bodies with water based paints, and then lowering yourself onto a drop sheet. Your outline will be there to share. Bathroom activities are also described. Using candles, rose petals, bubble bath, essential oils and champagne, allow your lover a few minutes to relax before you prepare the Mint Pea Bruschetta Bites.

Ideas for drinks are shown and photographed beautifully in this book. The Twilight Kiss, a combination of vodka, blue curacao, an orange and crushed ice, looks and sounds delicious.

Towards the end of the book, there is a segment with ideas on “How to Rediscover and re-ignite the passion.” This consists of a six page questionnaire, with many deep and probing questions to ask each other. For example, “How do you feel when we discuss intimate or sensitive subjects?” This is followed by a helpful few pages on Measurements, Oven temperatures, utensils and an Index of dishes.

What a hoot!  What an unusual book for some lucky couple!



Author Ross Holland and Melissa Horton
Publisher Dennis Jones & Associates
ISBN 9780994396501
Distributor Dennis Jones & Associates
Released 2017