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Moon Song

This beautifully delicate love story tells the tale of one who has left this earth far too soon, leaving the task he was required to complete unfinished. This, in turn creates a great deal of distress and confusion. Not just for those left behind, but for those of the ‘Otherworld’ who’s very dependence required Celtic folk Singer Tristan Talorc to complete his work,  that of a song cycle to the Moon.

When Isolde learns her hero and musical inspiration Tristan Talorc has died she is stunned and in turn deeply, emotionally, affected by his passing. Having vague memories of a dream the night before, she sees him stepping out onto the Moon Path, walking across the sea, and realises that she has seen Tristan moving onto his death.

Her life as a Journalist in London is beginning to become seriously stressful and when a friend offers her a chance to relocate to Exeter, she decides now is a good time to have a change of direction in her life.

This chance taken eventually sees her being introduced to world famous organist Mark King, Tristan’s brother. They meet and both realise this moment is something very special, far more so than they realise, as the journey to complete the unfinished song cycle has just begun.

Falling ever more deeply in love with Mark, Isolde agrees to move in with him and within moments of arriving at his home in Cornwall she meets the ‘Hare-girl’ at the gate of the property: a sighting which is to become the first of many introductions to people, who although of the ‘Otherworld’, become the force to ensure Mark and Isolde complete the song cycle, one way or the other.

As time moves on both Isolde and Mark become ever more involved in discovering why Tristan left his work incomplete and the consequences of his actions.

Mark has already become well known to the Faere folk, and them to him, but Isolde has still to learn their ways and understand what role she has to play in returning Tristan to this world to sing his final song.

Woven in the form of an excellent spell, the words of this gentle tale enchant to the final phase of the song cycle devoted to Olwen, the lady of the Moon, the lady of the moon path.

AuthorElen Sentier
PublisherCosmic Egg Books