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Mr Right Now

There is a very old saying ‘that if you love someone let them go’ which graces the front cover of Mr Right Now, the second book in the delightful The Callahan’s of Stringy Bark trilogy, from Australian author Karley Lane, and one saying that can and often is, bitter sweet.

In this second book we once again meet Griffin, or ‘Griff’ to his family, the brother who has stayed home on the family farm to follow what he considered life calling. His life is at a crossroads, going nowhere, stalled and in many ways, he is wondering where is future really does lie, on the farm or elsewhere.

When his neighbour Bill Dawson almost losses his life in a farm accident Olivia, long-time friend and love of his young life, returns to Rankin Springs to help her twin brother Ollie with the harvest; she too is also finding her career in the Corporate world needing revision, assessing what she really wants to do with her life.

As the days unfold, she and Griff are thrown into each other company, reigniting the spark that was always there, somehow still smouldering away over all the years of their vastly different lifestyles.

Will they find the love they are seeking or will the lessons of the past remain just that, lessons of the past? Once again choices need to be made when Olivia is offered what she considers the job of a lifetime, a job that will be a change of direction but push her up the Corporate ladder. The only issue is that it is in London!

Warm, lovely and most enjoyable, returning to life in the Callahan family is as comfortable as returning to family, as they struggle to face what could easily still be a tragedy effecting their long term neighbour and friend, a family struggling to cope with massive changes within their own family structure along with the hope that Griff will at last settle down, find peace, with the woman he has never stopped loving.

Karley lane has very carefully within the storyline of Mr Right Now created the threads of what has all the hallmarks of a terrific finale to the series, if the teaser chapters at the end of the story are any indication.

A great read for a lazy afternoon reuniting with new friends in the members of the Callahan family.

Author Karley Lane
Publisher Allen and Unwin
ISBN 9781760632663
Distributor Allen and Unwin
Released May 2019