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Night Owls

Beatrix is a budding artist who misses the train and has to take the ‘all-nighter’ known as the ‘owl bus’ home, finally accepting that as she was on a curfew and should not have been out, she was in trouble, no matter what the excuse! The fact that she was trying desperately to get into a museum-sponsored scholarship contest is not going to wash with her Mum!

She meets jack on board the ‘owl bus’, a hot boy about her age. Jack is interesting as he is dressed all in black, a bit like a burglar. As she talks with him she realises Jack comes across in her imagination as a ‘vegetarian Buddhist jewel thief’! Go figure!

He is nothing like she imagines him to be but an infamous graffiti artist, well known for his outrageous designs; single words done in gold lettering.

As the summer moves along, she and Jack meet occasionally but she finds the summer is not turning out as she wants it to. Her pathway into the scholarship she so desperately wants seems to be blocked. She needs to get an acceptance to the hospitals “Willed Body’ program so she can draw the anatomical components of the human body; in her mind it’s a bit like following in da Vinci’s footsteps as she is sure this is her pathway to success.

She talks with jack about the programme and the fact that it seems almost impossible to get accepted. Suddenly she get told that she has been accepted but is a little bit sceptical about this as she believes that he may have had something to do with this as it all seems a bit too co-incidental!

Beatrix and Jack begin to see a bit more of each other and it becomes clear to Beatrix anyway, that there is another side to Jack, another issue or maybe a secret, but what could that be.

Secrets hidden will surface but what effect will this have on the young couple and their families. What effect will this have on whether Beatrix manages to win the all-important scholarship?

Set in San Francisco this is a contemporary tale of young love and how it can surmount the odds to heal the pain and resolve issues of the past.

A great read for both teens and young adults.



AuthorJenn Bennett
PublisherSimon & Schuster Childrens UK
ReleasedOctober 2015