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Six Ways to Sunday

Rilee Summers is a girl who has got her life under control. She has faced up to many challenges in her life, studied and worked hard to become a Naturopath and is looking to start up her own clinic in Sydney, working at what she loves to do most, help people.

That is until she meets Dan Kincaid, a farmer from Pallaburra, a remote town in New South Wales, at a buck’s night at her friend’s pub, where she often worked to earn a little extra cash, and falls madly, passionately in love, with this ruggedly handsome man from the outback.

After many rushed trips to Sydney by Dan, they decide to marry, which has taken some serious consideration from Rilee, as although she realises Dan is her one and only love, giving up her dream of opening her own clinic when is it so near to becoming a reality, is a big ask.

Although she realises Pallaburra is not Sydney, she truly believes she can open a clinic in the rural town and make a real go of it, until she runs headlong into a raft of prejudices, realises that her beloved Dan’s family are so set in tradition it is painfully, heartbreakingly challenging, and that her desire to champion a change of attitude in the town toward the spate of teen pregnancies, has caused a complete schism within the hide bound community.

Things finally reach a head when Dan refuses to support her and she takes time out to visit her parents on their property in Queensland, where they grow a range of herbs used in healing, that she has to make some serious decisions about what she holds dearest. She finds the soothing nature of digging the soil and working out amongst the herb beds relaxing which allows her time reflect on the testing and difficult first months of her marriage.

In this latest summer read from the much love Karly Lane she has captured the essence of young woman who will not back down from what she believes is right; a young woman who is not afraid of a challenge, a young woman who is prepared to put her love on the line for her convictions.

In Six Ways to Sunday, Lane has captured the reality of small town country living where much of the social structure was laid down generations ago, ease of access to health professionals and community facilities are not readily available and social issues, such as teen pregnancy rates, poor and education standards are an everyday occurrence.

Rilee Summers stands up for what she believes in and by doing so helps to make a positive change within her community.  Perhaps we all should take a leaf out of this feisty heroine’s book and by doing a little, a lot may, somewhere in the remote communities of Australia, change for the better.

Author Karly Lan
Publisher Allen and Unwin
ISBN 9781760296766
Distributor Allen and Unwin
Released December 2017