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Something Like This

Jason Weaver simply wants to be left alone in his own world where he can be himself; life post Armed Forces, with yet another failed romance and a few other things, has not exactly given him a taste for city life. He loves the bush, the clean air and the peace around the small property he bought to renovate, while he decides what to do next with his life.

Tilly Hollis also just wants to get on with her life; following a dream created not all that may years ago, but one that means almost all the world to her, she wants to use the unconditional love of horses  to reach out to heal, in an equine therapy program based at her  property.  Life has dealt her some cruel blows, but she is more determined than ever to make her dream come true.

Jason just happens to come into the café where Tilly works in the small country town of Ben Tirran, and somehow, after their rather terse first meeting, the little café with the excellent coffee becomes a regular stopping off point, almost on a daily basis.

A casual chat over movies, in particular The Man from Snowy River, sees Tilly inviting Jason to dinner and a movie at her place, which as it turns out is just a short distance down the same road to his property.  And so begins a rather interesting friendship, based around terrible old movies, good food, great coffee and a sense of loneliness, which sees two damage souls slowly coming to understand that perhaps, just perhaps, there could be something new and fresh beginning in their lives.

Add in Tilly’s sister, fashion designer Jess, who returns home under mysterious circumstances, needing the comfort of returning to her sister in what turns out to be a massive life change for her, but also creating a situation that needs to be understood and allowed to heal.

Karley Lane has the wonderful ability to bring the many facets of everyday life and the issues that are to be found by creating characters that could be any one of us, trying to make sense out of the hand we are all dealt at different time.

Something Like This is engaging, genuine, with a story-line we can all relate to and portrays a wonderful slice of country life set in beautiful rural New South Wales, which adds to the enjoyment of the moment spent completely engrossed in yet another fantastic story from Karley Lane.

Author Karley Lane
Publisher Allen & Unwin
ISBN 9781760529253
Distributor Allen & Unwin
Released December 2020