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The Bucket List to Mend a Broken Heart

We usually associate bucket lists with Seniors, wishing to see and do it all while they still can. This story is a romantic comedy with a twist. The main character, Abi, has just been dumped and left heart broken by her boyfriend. When he leaves a box of her belongings on her doorstep, he accidentally leaves HIS bucket list in the box.  Abi rationalises that if they were losing touch with each other and she did his list, she would win him back. Windsurfing, bike riding, mountaineering and running a marathon, were the first items on the list.

 The only problem is that Abi is slightly plump, quite unfit, and doesn’t own any sporting equipment. However, she is up for a challenge, and enrols in the windsurfing class. After huge struggles and that is just to get her wet suit on, she manages to stand on her surfboard and grab the sail. After many attempts, she finally stands, grabs the sail and points it to the wind. When she sees an orange marker, she realises the coach has told them not to go beyond this; but, how to turn around? Eventually she makes her way back to land, and is able to tick one of the items off her list. But really, she needs photos on Facebook to make Joseph aware of what a great time she is having and how adventurous she is.

 Anna Bell has written a romantic comedy that is fun and enjoyable to read. One of the many reasons is because we can identify with Abi in her struggle to change. She badly wants to be the woman that Joseph loves and respects and admires. The reader does get the idea that Joseph is not worth her efforts, but as in life, we don’t often see what is most obvious. We can identify with her struggles, and laugh at her awkward moments, such as the giant wedgie she gets while bike riding.

 There are many twist and turns in the story to maintain interest. Abi has a great job as a graphic designer, but her work is being tampered with which almost causes her to lose her job. Thankfully, the IT department can help her and with a little assistance from the Boss, they discover the culprit.

 This book is a most enjoyable read, can guarantee some smiles and has all the components for a satisfying afternoon on the couch with a good glass of wine!



Author Anna Bell
Publisher Bonnier
ISBN 9781785760372
Distributor Allen & Unwin
Released April 2016